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About us

Sneaker shoes designed and manufactured following a family tradition of more than a hundred years. We are presenting to you the experience of the Cofaraco family, five generations of shoemakers from a small town in the south of Italy.

Each generation has improved the product for the comfort, durability, and efficiency of our clients.

Our sports shoes are the best for exercises, going out in style and comfort. Allow us to share this wonderful shoe with you, with the warranty of our name Cofaraco.

We are Cofaraco Handmade.


Handcrafted in Italy.

Made with perfection.

We take our shoe game seriously.

Having traveled to Italy to seek a shoemaker who we found to be the perfect fit to create our shoes.

Made with such precision and expertise, we were able to come up with a shoe that not only symbolized the art of shoemaking but was the art.

A family, creating a shoe that can be worn to any occasion.

We bring you Cofaraco, Handmade Shoes.

Handcrafted in Italy